BRAVEHEART by. Randall Wallace. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Converted to PDF by ScreenTalk™ Online About the author. Randall Wallace was born and brought up in Tennessee, in the southern United States. His family had originally come from Scotland and. Braveheart is Randall Wallace's fifth novel. He now lives in Southern California with his wife and two sons. It is not known for certain when William Wallace was.

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PENGUIN READERS. Teacher's notes LEVEL 3 Teacher Support Programme. Braveheart Randall Wallace King's daughter-in-law, Princess Isabella, he cannot . I would even be comfortable considering this as a pg13 movie, though i understand why it was rated r. Shruthi haasan, after a long time we got. Wallace. No hero has remained such a shadowy figure, his life and actions beset by myths and contradictions. When Scotland's fortunes were at their lowest.

Behind his coming, the tyranny from the king cannot be stopped. He marries his beloved couple in his secret married to make sure Prima Nockte, one of the noble from Longshanks, does not take his wife to be his concubine. But unfortunately on of the nobles from Longshanks kills her in order he can capture William. He encourages himself to take the homeland back from Longshanks and opposes the king. He and his followers fight against the King but unfortunately the noble from Scotland is choosing to follow the Longshanks.

Instead of this disloyalty, the natives from Ireland also help him to take the homeland back.

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William proves himself to be the leader for the battle and the people believe him. Robert the Bruce, the leader from the noble of Scotland soon believe him to but his father forbids him to follow the way from William. Watching his hundred followers is killed in the battle field, the Longshanks sends the Princes, the daughter of King of France, has made some negotiates to William but he refuses the negotiation to be ruled with the Longshanks.

He makes some cooperation from Robert the Bruce to make rebellion toward the king many times but his father forces him to oppose him.

Again, William Wallace proves himself to save the land by making some notions to the noble of Scotland to unite. Robert decides to be united with William but his father refuses him. William prefers to take the freedom than begging his mercy from the King by declaring himself to be wrong to the King.

In the end, he gets his beheading from the executor. His body is sliced into pieces and his head is placed under the bridge of London. He first came across the story of William Wallace when he visited Scotland and saw the statue of him that guards the entrance to Edinburgh Castle, along with that of Robert the Bruce. He also read as much as he could about him.

Little is known for certain, but there are many legends, and the writer used these and his own imagination to tell the story, both in the novel and the screenplay which he also wrote. He now lives in Southern California with his wife and two sons. The Explanation After correlating the theory to the movie, the writer finds several things correlating with the hero archetypal- those are: I.

The Quest The writer finds the quest from this movie in which William Wallace is the main character. After coming back from Rome, William spends his life to make rebellion toward the Longshanks. He finds Longshanks makes use his power to take everything in the homeland. Knowing his land is controlled by the rule from Longshanks, he decides to take it back from Longshanks.

At first, he deepens his power with his uncle, Argyle. This situation happens in the movie when his father dies. In Brae Heart movie in Before the quest, his uncle brings him to Rome to teach him how to be a good warrior. This can prove that he lives his family or homeland and lives with other. In hero archetype, this can be the beginning for the hero to be a great hero.

After coming home to his land, he finds the Longshanks tyranny toward the people in Scotland so he decides to fight against Longshanks.

See a Problem?

He starts his quest from the beginning. He fights him and his followers and burns the castle as the sight of his rebellion. William and his followers decide to join the war from the noble from Scotland, Robert the Bruce people. All of people there do not believe in William and his follower. William gives the speech for them to make the noble people to be brave to fight against Longshanks. He, William, kills many Longshanks people. The queen of the England has negotiated with him to make him and his people cooperate with the Longshanks and they must receive the tyranny.

He never wants to take the arrangement and decides to make the rebellion. You tell your king that William Wallace will not be ruled and nor the Scot will I live in Brave Heart movie — This quotation means that William will give this effort to fight against Longshanks so he can take Scotland back.

He proves himself to be a hero by making his own journey and this time, he will prove that he can take the homeland back. Initiation A. Act 1 Separation A1. Leaves family and Lives with Other William Wallace leaves his family to safe himself form the Longshanks after knowing his father death.

His uncle promises him to teach him how to be a hero in order he can defeat the Longshanks. After a couple years he comes back to his homeland. His uncle said: We will stay at home tonight. Tomorrow you come in home with me in Brave Heart movie — This quotation means that the situation is not safe anymore for William because none of the family will stay with him.

His father is dead already so Argyle, William uncle brings him to Rome to adopt him. Argyle teaches him how to be a brave knight so that he can defeat the Longshanks.

Getting the Supernatural help Before calling to Adventure Before leaving his home, William gets the supernatural help from his father death. He insists him to encourage himself to be a great hero even he is already dead. This situation happens when little William is sleeping the day before he leaves his home. Have the courage to follow up!

Argyle says to William that the situation is like when Argyle father was dead.

Living the Braveheart Life

His father insist him to encourage himself for the next because if he does not want to encourage himself he will be killed by the Longshanks. Call to Adventure Prove himself to be a Hero Argyle was successfully teaches him to be a brave knight. After a couple years, William comes back to Edinburg, one of the places in Scotland which actually it is his own homeland.

The hero at first is the weak human. He encourage himself to be a hero and prove himself to be a hero. This situation happens in the Brave Heart Movie in which the situation takes in in the Movie. William comes back with his incredible power as a brave man.

He makes the notice to Longshanks that Scotland must get the freedom. Go back to England and tell them there that Scotland daughter and the sons are not yours no more. Tell them that Scotland is free. Burn it The castle! Scottish hero or not. To research the story, he travelled first. He was defeated at the Battle of Falkirk, which was through Scotland and England, visiting places associated devastating for Wallace.

He also read as much as he could Chapter 4 about him. Wallace was betrayed by the imagination to tell the story, both in the novel and the Scottish nobles and handed over to the English.

He was screenplay which he also wrote. He now lives in front of a crowd. Southern California with his wife and two sons. Background and themes Summary Scottish history: The novel is based on the early part of Braveheart is based on the life of William Wallace, one the Scottish War of Independence.

Many Scots want neighbouring country for many years. When Alexander to fight back but need leadership, and find it when III died in , leaving no sons to follow him, there was William Wallace turns from peaceful farmer to rebel, disagreement in Scotland about who should be the next after an English sheriff kills his wife.

He gathers an ruler. But the her name. But in , Margaret died, and there was murderous King Edward is not a man to be stopped so no obvious heir to the throne. This plunged Scotland easily, and the Scottish nobles are too afraid of him, and into a period of confusion in which there were thirteen too jealous of each other, to support William for long.


These included the old Earl Even though William wins the love and secret help of the of Annandale, the chief of the powerful Bruce family. It stars Mel Gibson as Wallace, French Although some Scottish nobles fought, many did actress Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabella, and Patrick nothing, as they were afraid of ending on the losing side. McGoohan as King Edward I. Gibson also directed and Some even fought for the English, for the sake of revenge produced the film.

These included the Bruces, who Braveheart was shot partly in Scotland and partly in had another reason for helping the English: they wanted Ireland, where 2, members of the Irish army were used King Edward to place one of them on the throne. The behaviour of the English forces towards them Although this film is a fantastic epic adventure, was terrible, and they were ready to fight. The Scottish War of Independence had begun.

Brave heart: Wallace gives the Scots courage. While the Scottish nobles are busy looking after themselves, Wallace Discussion activities puts all his energy into fighting for Scotland and its people. Chapter 1 The Boy, pages 1—3 Before reading Freedom and independence: Wallace teaches the Scottish 1 Guess: Have students look at the picture on the cover. Wallace makes Robert the Bruce, who in Look up any new words in your dictionary.

Under his leadership, at so that they can come back to it later on. Scotland ask the following questions. The film Braveheart was very popular. Why was it so popular? Was it because of the exciting story? Was it Secret love: Even though it is not historically correct, the because of Mel Gibson?To research the story, he travelled first. The seven-year-old William Wallace saw the bodies.

Knowing his land is controlled by the rule from Longshanks, he decides to take it back from Longshanks. He runs away with the help of a girl, possibly his wife, and the English kill her. Braveheart was one of the most popular films of Although this film is a fantastic epic adventure, was terrible, and they were ready to fight.

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